Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to Pack!?

As you can see we like to go and travel is our therapy.  Like many packing and unpacking can be the
most aggravating parts of travel and vacations.  I typically try to pack in ways that will help me out and be efficient for packing and traveling.

Right now, we are packing for a trip to a week long conference in Orlando for wounded veterans and their families.  We are fortunate to have this experience and I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself!

Here are a few of my tips:
  • Start packing a few days early for some items that you won't need until travel.
    • I pack underwear, pajamas, socks, and bathing suits first (yes, I'm packing swimwear for a December trip to Florida because it is 80 degrees and pools are heated)
  • Next, I pack non perishable food items in a separate bag that is easily accessible in the vehicle.
    • I pack things like peanut butter and bread, gummy snacks, dried fruit, bottled water and drinks, applesauce, and perhaps oatmeal, cereal, and other easy snacks.
  • Then, I pack meds in a container that I can easily get to.  I typically keep meds together in a clear box with lid so they travel well.  
  • I get the kids to pick a couple of toys, books, and coloring activity items to carry along.  This cuts down on the impulsive buys of unnecessary theme park purchases.  
    •  Example: pack princess gear for girls or swords and pirate stuff for boys or take a couple favorite plush items for snuggling
  • Pack items like Disney Pins, Vinylmations, MagicBands, lanyards, cameras, camcorders, and any other items you need to take to the parks.
  • Lastly, I pack the bulk of our bags
    • Add clothes and also pack hygiene bags
  • I usually forget a few things like phone chargers, sunglasses or computer/iPad chargers, a pair of shoes, etc and leave a tote bag handy to toss those items in at the last minute. 
I also pack a different bag if we are overnight at a different location other than our main destination.  For this next week's trip, we are starting off with two days with family and ending with a Disney hotel at the end of our Universal Orlando trip. So I'll back a single clothes bag for everyone in the family for each of these separate overnights so we don't have to lug in everyone's luggage for a 24-48 hour stay.

Happy Packing!

(By the way dear friends and readers....I am now a travel agent complete with Disney College of Knowledge and Universal Specialist certification and would love to help you plan and book your next trip! email me at for info)