Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to spend our Travel Referral gift card?

It won't be long before we head to the land of the Mouse again.  Yes, we go a lot.  Disney is one of the few place in John's real zone of comfort.  With severe PTSD, you can't just spontaneously decide to go on a vacation anywhere at anytime.  However, three years ago thanks to the Wounded Warrior Family Support organization, we took our first real family vacation.  They gave us a week at Universal, a day at Sea World, and we spent one day at the Magic Kingdom doing the Very Merry Christmas Party.  

During that that vacation, I saw John and the boys smile more than they had smiled in a long time.  I think the fact that we survived a week of vacationing made him realize that we could go on vacation and we could have fun.  

Since that time, we have been to Disney countless times.  Technically, I suppose the number would be about 9 times to Disney, Universal, or the Downtown Disney area in the last 3 years.  We go during off peak seasons like late September, October, early November, or February to avoid the most crowded park days.

We really like using an authorized agent to make the hassle of booking and planning a vacation a little simpler.  Of course, we still like to do our fair share of research, planning, and booking too.  But, one perk to the agent we used is that when you refer friends and family who book a qualifing vacation, you will get a Disney gift card!  You can use it online at the Disney Store or at Disney locations.   
I found this one today in my purse.  We have had it since December, after some friends who booked a trip traveled to Walt Disney World.    
So the question of the day is how do we spend our gift card? We have $50 in Disney Dollars to spend.  Would you use it for dining, souvenirs, a boat or bike rental, towards booking another vacation

(Friends and readers: I am now a Travel Agent complete with graduating from the Disney College of Knowledge and I'd love to help you plan a magical vacation.  Email me at and Find the agency on Facebook)

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