Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrate Independence and Thank a Vet

Today is a day of national celebration.  Again another holdiday marked by food, family, friends, BBQ, deserts, and maybe a little watermelon.  Yet the true meaning of the holiday is to celbrate America's independence.  We need to take a moment to acknowledge the battles and perserverance of the founding fathers and those who settled in America and then fought to keep her free all these years. 
Remember the Veterans that have sacrificed for our freedoms and remember also that some who come home still suffer from the mental and physical wounds they incurred as a result of their service. 
If you have combat veteran friends, family, or neighbors be aware that the celebrations, fireworks, crowds, and loud noises may trigger panic, PTSD symptoms, dissociation, etc. 
Happy 4th of July.  Happy Independence Day.  Thank a Vet today.

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