Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A week full of yuck? I was jumping out of a plane and I!

Two weeks ago I posted that it was a "seizure free feel good week" and my exceptions were for another great week.  If I'd not posted that I likely wouldn't really recall what a good few days we had.  This week and the one before it has been far from desirable with a few exceptions.  Falls, dizziness, confusion, nightmares, and seizure after seizure.  Last Monday, John rolled off the couch and exclaimed, "I don't know what happened.  I was jumping out of a plane and I!" I confess that I chuckled.  Later in the evening he had a seizure episode that was so bad he was not responsive and had quit breathing.  

He asked for help in the bath as typical last week but while I was helping to dry his legs off, he told me that I was the "best wife anybody could ask for."  It really is the little things in life to cherish.  I helped him to the bed and then we later proceeded to play a little bit of our game of Words with Friends while on the couch.  I made wraps for supper and while John was eating, I looked over and panicked.  He was holding his hand out as if clutching his phone, except his hand was empty.  His eyes were rolled back in his head so that only the whites of his eyes were viewable and what was worse was that he was in the middle of eating.  He had food crammed in his mouth and after not responding for bit, I proceeded to do a finger swipe in his mouth that most people only learn about in CPR and First Aid Classes.  He began to regain consciousness and I helped him clear his mouth out as he was choking.  He was obviously startled and I apologized and told him I had my fingers in his mouth because he wasn't responding to me and he just wanted "to go to sleep for a year" at that point.

I let him rest and I escaped to type, checking on him periodically.  It would be so easy to see last week and the last couple days as a bad week but we have our good moments and I suppose that is what keeps us going on the bad days.  Be thankful for the small things, the little things that put a smile on your face, and cherish life to the fullest.

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