Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Surprise Birthday Adventure!?!

Two weeks ago, John told me he couldn't keep it a secret any longer.  "I've got to have some help, so pack your bags and one for the kids.  I'm taking you somewhere tomorrow for your birthday."
He confessed that he'd thought about packing my bag for me and later telling me we were heading out for lunch and then realized that he would have left something out and that I would have been beyond panicked, not knowing what to expect. 

Second row parking at Epcot!
As my birthday was not for another two and a half weeks, a "surprise" was a little easier to pull off than if it were my actual birthday.  I had a couple of guesses but John went way beyond with planning.  He made reservations for a hotel, meals, and tickets.  I was astonished that he had put so much thought into making my birthday special! We went through a couple years when he didn't remember birthdays and didn't remember Christmas, Valentines day, or a few other occassions.  I suppose I gave him a bit of greif over this because he has made it a big point to make sure (even if early) that he remembers these days and celebrates them in some way. 

John quizzed me on where I thought we were going.  I knew he's wanted to go to the mountains to Octoberfest for a couple years, but we had never been there.  So, I told him I knew this was "out of his comfort zone" and I told him that I thought he had booked something in Orlando. Universal and/or Disney was my best guess.  It is the last couple weeks of Epcot's Food & Wine Festival and I knew he had wanted to go.  We took the kids last year and they were just plain awful.  They were tired, didn't want to be there, and they acted out horribly.  We swore we would never take the kids back when we wanted to eat and drink our way around the world.  Last year, Aston wore most of the foods on his clothes.  He had jerk chicken with mango chutney on his shorts, along with chocolate mousse and he had what was left of two pieces of chocolate cake from France on his shirt.

Shrimp, Lobster Chowder, & Mini Crab Cakes
John surprised me with La Nouba, the Cirque du Soleil, performance with seats in the fourth row.  He booked them on the drive down from my phone's browser and I didn't have a clue.  He made reservations at The Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot.  We debated park hopping but stayed at Epcot from opening to close!  John even made reservations at the Disney Polynesian's Kona Cafe.  We slept in and didn't make it, nonetheless the effort was there.  Just before going home, we played a round of mini golf at Fantasia Fairways.  It was awesome.  It is a mini shrunken course with "sand traps" and water.  I still managed a hole in one on the third hole.

I was exhausted from the drive there and back but we had a great weekend.  I was blown away by the thoughts that John put into making the weekend special.  He was determined that for the third year in a row, we wouldn't spend my birthday at the VA hospital for appointments or tests.  He wanted it to be memorable for me. 

Thanks, John.  It is still a few days away but this has been the best birthday in a while. 

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