Sunday, November 11, 2012

Give Others Something to be Thankful for....Don't Just Write a Post of Thankfullness.

Our lives should exemplify Christ so much that we should be transparent so that in whatever we do, people see Jesus. 

First, I guess I should say that there is obviously nothing wrong with everyone posting "What I am Thankful for" posts.  There's nothing wrong with making a daily habit out of sharing your thanksgivings with others.  If you want to do that, great.  If you are doing it for intrinsic reasons or to foster a greater sense of thankfulness, fine.  I have started on a couple occasions to post something concerning this but have halted. 

One FB friend posted yesterday that he was thankful he hadn't started the ritual and some may sneer at that.  However, there are a host of reasons that I can think of regarding why not to make a daily "Day x-I'm thankful for..." post.  First, is it because of conformity? To be seen as doing the right thing for the season? If you miss a day or a week, do you feel obligated to list point after point things you are thankful for? Are you doing it to boast?  So, maybe these are far fetched reasons for you. Maybe you are rethinking your rationale.  I would venture to say there are people making thanksgiving posts now that haven't posted a thankful post in ages.  The Scriptures teach that we should be thankful in all things, because that's how God wants us to be. Hopefully Thankful posts and thoughts will lead others to be more thankful in their daily lives and not only in November

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

I didn't do this daily public post last year because of a couple reasons: sickness and issues limited our FB time and it was hard to speak those thankful things when life looked so bleak.  We didn't get out the boys Thankful Turkey and stuff his tail with Thankful Feathers.  It was hard to even speak those "Thank you God for...." prayers at night with the boys.

Here is where my sensitivity to the subject comes in.  Even with tough economic times, we all have plenty to rejoice in and be thankful for.  Maybe you're thankful for family, while there are others out there who seem to have no family.  Maybe you're thankful for your children, while others out there are childless.  Maybe you're thankful for births, while others are grieving loss and tragedy.  Perhaps you are thankful for a job, and others are unemployed.  Perhaps you're thankful for health, yet others are fighting for their survival.  Maybe you're thankful for the ability to provide, while others don't have enough money to keep the electricity on.  Possibly, you're pantry and fridge are stocked, still there are others literally pinching pennies trying to decide what grocery items they can afford.  Likely, you might have thought of plenty of shopping opportunities for this approaching season, still others wonder how they will be able to provide for those dear to them.

I challenge you to Give others something to be Thankful for

Be mindful of this.  It is likely that some around you are struggling that you may not even be aware of.  Ask God for discernment. 

So how can your life better exemplify God? I challenge you to go beyond just a daily post that may be forgotten next week.  I challenge you to Give others something to be Thankful for.  Because you have been Blessed...bless someone else.  Maybe that means take someone a meal, or sit and chat with one who has little company.  Perhaps it means take a bag of groceries to a person or family that could use them.  Give some toys to a family that is struggling to help ease their worry of where their Christmas blessings are going to come from.  Send someone a note to tell them you are thinking of them.  Provide something, be it small or large, for someone that would likely be impossible otherwise.  This might be as simple as buying a coat for someone. 

It is ironic that people can get trampled and have awful shopping experiences on Black Friday, just one day after this nation takes the day to be thankful for what we have.  Yet, our mentality is "Go get more" even if we don't need it. 

Take the challenge.  Give Others Something to be Thankful for..Don't Just Write a Post of Thankfulness.  Be the Body of Christ. Reach out and give someone something to be thankful for and share the real reason of the season.


  1. What a thoughtful entry-you are right, if only we continued our thankfulness into other months as well. Olivia and I are actually going tomorrow to pick out items for a shoebox for children for Christmas. I want to continue to find ways to show her how to help others.

    1. Awesome. Those shoeboxes are great. We took the boys to the store to get a toy reward yesterday but made them each pick out something to give away too! Hope you and Olivia have a blast!